video2brain has been Europe’s premier source for video training since 2002. The Company is based in Graz, Austria and produces English-, German-, French-, and Spanish-language courses on a wide variety of topics.

Video-Trainings I have worked on

Blender - Animation Basics

The training covers the basics of animation. You will learn to animate in different ways, using simple Keyframing, Shape Keys, Constraints and much more.

Blender - Principles of Animation

The training covers the principles of animation as known by Disney animators Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas . Using the free open-source 3D-package Blender for demonstration purposes the training covers all 12 principles of animation.

Blender - Photorealistic Shading and Rendering

The training will cover the creation of photorealistic shaders, simulating different materials, e.g. various types of metals, plastic, coated surfaces, liquids, glass and many more. Lighting and Rendering will also be covered as the training shows fast and efficient ways to produce photorealistic results.

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