A game prototype I started to work on during June 2017’s #1GAM topic “CGA Graphics”, which was common in the early 1980s and limited to a 4-colors-only palette featuring a total resolution of 320×200 Pixels. We ended up collaborating with fellow audio designers of Lyrebird Studio to include some awesome music and sound design.

“Awake! Your next cycle is close. Fulfill your purpose, do as you are told!”
As MazeBot, your only purpose is to test other inventions of destruction, as long as you are needed or you survive.
Various war machines are tested every day to maximize their effectiveness. Your survival is not intended.

How to Play

Press “E” to start the game. use “W” “A” “S” “D” to control the bots movement. Press “E” or “Q” to select whether you want to FIGHT or RUN from an enemy. “T” will toggle audio playback.

Have fun!

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